The Area’s Only 24/7 Player Training Facility

Hammerhouse gives your ballplayer the opportunity to train on their schedule without the hassle, expense, and danger of traveling long distance to adjacent areas to get in their work. Hammerhouse also provides state of the art strength and speed equipment eliminating the need for a gym membership and individual batting cage rental fees.

Skill Development

Hammerhouse offers the area’s only full Length batting cages and pitching lanes that are available based on your convenience. Our facility is accessible to members 24 hours a day through our Facilikey mobile application which gives dedicated players and parents the ability to balance training with family time and homework. Our facility is equipped with Hittrax technology that enables a player to analytically measure their progress. Hittrax gives a hitter an accurate exit velocity and distance while also scoring hits as singles, extra base hits, or home runs. The technology also provides data on timing and swing efficiency. Hittrax offers pitchers will also provide an electronic report that can be shared with parents or sent to coaches. Hitters can also practice against game velocity with our Ihack Hack Attack, Jr. Hack Attack, or Atec pitching machines. Pitchers can throw bullpen sessions and analyze their progress, or go head to head with teammates in live at bats.

Power, Speed, and Strength Training

Weight training and speed development have become a necessities for young ballplayers that want to achieve their goals. When done consistently, these tools can take a player to the next level. Hammerhouse provides a facility where an athlete can train speed and strength while also working on skill development in the same session. We have the area’s only Proteus, a revolutionary resistance training machine and power assessment tool. Proteus is is perfect for training rotational power for hitters and pitchers because it mirrors every movement to provide constant resistance no matter what direction you move. Hammerhouse is also equipped with Kbox Flywheel training devices. Flywheel training has proven to be a highly effective method for developing athletes. In addition to new scientific equipment and methods, Hammehouse is also equipped with bumper plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, chains, and other equipment to build power, speed, and strength.

Growth and Development Atmosphere

Hammerhouse is a facility dedicated to the players and their pursuit of a competitive edge through superior skill and athletic development. We provide a safe environment where athletes can work on their game and collaborate. An environment where players can push each other and compete to establish new personal records. We create an atmosphere where players of all skill levels are welcome, as long as they have the desire to work and improve. In addition to our normal offerings, Hammerhouse will periodically host special events with outside coaches and trainers to stay on top of training developments. Hammerhouse will host subject matter experts in hitting, pitching, and fielding, along with other intangible skills such as mental approach to the game. Hammerhouse will also provide recruiting assistance for young athletes that are interested in playing after high school. Hammerhouse will help produce video content that helps a player highlight their strengths.